What Is Zome?

Carpooler Matching

Zome Carpool Concierge matches commuters traveling in the same direction, at the same time.



A smarter way to commute, neighbors and coworkers can save time and money, matching with each other 24 hours a day.


Business Solutions

Zome partners with businesses who care about sustainability and providing a competitive employment edge.

Why Choose Zome

Save Money

Reduce your commute costs. Trip fare ranges from $3 to $10. 

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zome-carpool-fun driving

Pleasant Commute

Take a nap, read a newspaper, or chat with your carpooler. Make your commute fun. 

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Easy to Use

Simply schedule a ride anytime 2 hours before departure. Door-to-Door pickup.

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How Zome Works

1. Schedule Your Ride

Simply select your pick-up location, departure time, and return time and number of seats.

2. Get Matched

Zome Carpool Concierge gets to work finding other commuters headed the same way.

3. Arrive Happy

Show up on time and enjoy your ride.

Our Mission

Fossil fuel use is one of the main sources of greenhouse gases through human activities. Zome Carpool aims to help reduce greenhouse gases through expanding and improving carpool access. 

Zome Carpool reduces commute costs by sharing the expense with neighbors and co-workers. Commuting together provides more available parking in company lots and public garages.

Zome Carpool provides a new way for Charlotte to commute. By working together to relieve congested roadways and high transit costs, carpooling helps develop a strong sense of community.

Zome for Enterprise

Green Commute Program helps businesses of all sizes provide an engaging, cost-effective and sustainable option for employees to commute to work.

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Share Your Commute and Save. Download Now.

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