Explore the latest release of Zome 1.0.0 with our largest feature release. Zome helps people commute easily and efficiently.

CHARLOTTE, NC – Zome, the first carpooler matching application available in Charlotte, comes to the area with its latest release. This kick-off comes during Charlotte area drivers’ heightened interest in easy and efficient travel. As cost-incurring “luxury lanes” impact all area drivers, Zome aims to bring an affordable and community-focused solution to riders and drivers. Using the Zome Carpool APP, available on iOS and Android, riders and drivers can be matched 24 hours a day.

“As one of the fastest growing cities in the United States, Charlotte is seeing more and more commuters on the road,” said Steven Zhu, Founder of Zome. “Zome’s vision is to provide a cost-effective and meaningful option for area commuters who travel the Charlotte highways on a weekly basis. Carpooling with neighbors and coworkers provides a sense of community; in addition, has been shown to reduce a commuter’s stress and lower a company’s carbon footprint. Our focus is now on corporate partnerships and community education as Zome continues to grow.”

How Zome Works
1. SCHEDULE YOUR RIDE – You can simply schedule a ride by selecting your pick-up location, departure time, and return time.
2. GET MATCHED – Zome will send a message to tell you the match result. Once matched, confirm the trip. We will send both the driver and the rider the time and location for the pick-up. We match users every hour!
3. SHOW UP ON TIME – Meet at the prescribed location for pick-up. Then enjoy your ride!


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