Five Steps You Can Take to Slow Climate Change

What could we do in daily life to slow climate change? An article written by Shannon Binns on Sustain Charlotte shows us five high-impact steps.

1. Drive less, especially alone. 

40% of emissions come from transportation in Charlotte. To reduce emissions, we could drive less, especially alone. The article provides several ways we could do so, for example, taking the bus or light rail. For short trip, we can try biking, walking, or scooter. If you need to travel by car, carpooling is a good choice. Zome Carpool App is serving Charlotte now. Zome Carpool helps matching co-workers and neighbors who has the similar route.

2. Support local investment in transit, bicycle, and pedestrian infrastructure.  

Charlotte and Mecklenburg County have robust plans to expand and improve transportation infrastructure, but these plans need funding to implement. You can do this with a few clicks by signing Sustain Charlotte’s #GetThereCLT statement of support for these investments.

3. Support the construction of new apartments, condos, and townhomes – even if you don’t plan to live in them. 

Single Family home is an inefficient type of housing from both a land use and an energy perspective, comparing to apartments, condos, and townhomes. 

4. Live closer to work. 

It is hard to live closer to work. As we know, lots of people work in uptown an live near 485 outer. The housing price near uptown area is high. With same amount of money, we can live in a larger and nicer house near 485 outer. However, maybe we can think on the other side. The time we saved from commuting could bring us more happiness. 

5. Share this with others. 

Share this article and your thoughts with your friends, family, and co-workers.



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